Put your puzzle-solving skills to the test and discover your hidden talent for cybersecurity with 200+ fun games and challenges

CyberStart Canada provides youth* with free access to a beginner-friendly and enjoyable cybersecurity learning experience.

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01 | What is CyberStart?

Jump into immersive cybersecurity training through hundreds of fun challenges and resources

CyberStart dashboard and example challenge.
Completing a hacking challenge.

200+ hacking labs

Explore the thrilling world of an undercover cyber agent as you investigate suspicious cyber crime cases. For every puzzle you complete, you'll boost your score, unlock new cases and learn real-world cybersecurity skills.

A video in the Field Manual

Field Manual

With in-depth articles and fun video tutorials created by experts, the Field Manual sharpens your knowledge of the concepts you'll learn in-game while helping you solve challenges.

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Play solo or enjoy the competition of playing with friends. Create your own leaderboards in Groups to race for points, compare progress with other players and help one another complete challenges.

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Register now At this time, registration is open to youth aged 13-18 years residing in Ontario, Alberta or British Columbia.

Read full eligibility criteria here.

02 | How does CyberStart Canada work?

CyberStart Canada gives students in grades 8-12 free access to CyberStart, an immersive, gamified cybersecurity learning experience


Solve engaging online challenges to start learning cybersecurity as a beginner

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Give cybersecurity a go the fun way as you investigate digital crimes, help prevent cyber attacks and catch criminals through over 200 mind-enhancing challenges.

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"The first few challenges start easy and get harder as you progress. So you can definitely start as a beginner like I did. All you need is perseverance and creativity!"


Advance your practical cyber skills to impress colleges / universities and stand out from the rest

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From ethical hacking to coding and password cracking to forensics, you'll build hands-on cybersecurity experience, newfound confidence, and the skills to achieve your ambitions.

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"As a woman in STEM, it is hard not to feel intimidated by the field, but my work with CyberStart has shown me that I am just as qualified as my peers to work in cybersecurity."

Register now At this time, registration is open to youth aged 13-18 years residing in Ontario, Alberta or British Columbia.

Read full eligibility criteria here.

03 | What are the key dates and eligibility criteria?

Key dates

Registration opens:

February 1, 2023

Play CyberStart for free between:

February 1, 2023 to June 30, 2023

Eligibility criteria

Priority in the February 2023 program will be given to students in Ontario, Alberta or British Columbia. Students must be 13-18 years of age to participate.

The CyberStart Community

Want to make friends and find a group of likeminded people to share the CyberStart experience with?

Get involved in our CyberStart community boards and you'll be invited to an exclusive CyberStart Canada Group! Meet and solve challenges with friends, get help from other players, and be the first to hear of exclusive workshops, webinars and competitions.

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CyberStart Canada is an initiative of Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst, Toronto Metropolitan University’s national centre for training, innovation and collaboration in cybersecurity.

With support from:
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